Bankruptcy and Related Matters

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Lit.Econ LLP consultants have applied their knowledge of accounting, finance, statistics and economics to a wide variety of matters arising out of Federal bankruptcy actions. These matters include tracking of cash collateral, evaluation of the debtor's financial history, analysis of the financial and economic viability of proposed reorganization plans and various consultation in litigation arising from the initial bankruptcy. We have worked for both debtors and creditors and testified both in bankruptcy court and arbitration matters.

Schwinn Bicycle Bankruptcy (Denver, CO)  Testified in Federal Bankruptcy Court in Denver, CO in the $159 million liquidation of the Schwinn Bicycle Company.

Orange County Bankruptcy (Santa Ana, CA)  Prepared valuation of medical device IP and patents for Orange County, CA Bankruptcy Trustee.

Orange County Bankruptcy (Santa Ana, CA) Represented Orange County Bankruptcy Trustee in the
successful sale of IP for $5 million.

Orange County Bankruptcy (Santa Ana, CA)  Prepared valuation of venture capital investment fund portfolio for presentation to Orange County Bankruptcy Trustee.

SUN-AG v. Bank of America (Los Angeles, CA ) Evaluated the debtors claims of potential future markets for its services within its reorganization plan.

In Re: Evelyn Conroy (Orange County) Quantified the debtor's basic financial needs in determining the amount of credit to be paid through the bankruptcy.

In Re: Van's Cleaners (Orange County) Evaluated the financial actions taken by trustee on behalf of debtor in a commercial action.

In Re: Solemint Heights (Los Angeles County) Evaluated financial, economic and market assumptions made by debtor related to an apartment complex in Santa Clarita California.

In Re: Carlos O' Obrien's (San Bernardino County) Evaluated debtor's proposed reorganization plan related to a Southern California restaurant.

Roger Hogan v. Tokai Credit Corp. (Los Angeles County) Evaluated the financial performance of a Southern California Nissan dealership in support of creditor's challenge to the reorganization plan.

In Re: Joe Conti Toyota (Austin, Texas) Evaluated performance of a Texas Toyota dealership in support of creditor's challenge to the reorganization plan.

In Re: Grand Chevrolet (Los Angeles County) Analyzed and tracked $13 million of cash collateral on behalf of primary secured creditor to a Southern California dealership