Construction and Real Estate Litigation

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Lit.Econ LLP consultants have provided services to governmental agencies, owners, contractors, subcontractors and other interested parties in disputes over commercial and residential development. Typical construction disputes result in damages related to contract termination, delays, disruptions, acceleration or a combination of several problems. We have provided such services as cost evaluation, damage analysis, discovery assistance to counsel, forensic investigations and coordination of other experts such as contractors, engineers, cost evaluators and architects.

Garcia Masonry v. Kajima Engineering (Los Angeles County) Verified damage claims of a subcontractor in a prison expansion.

HarBro Construction v. Farmers’ Insurance (AAA Arbitration) Evaluated costs incurred by plaintiff in performing repairs to a residential apartment complex following the Northridge earthquake.

Kajima Engineering v. Various Defendants (Los Angeles County) Verified costs incurred in construction of expansion of Soledad Prison.

Bloom v. City of Huntington Beach (AAA Arbitration) Critiqued damage claims of company who contracted to build expansion at Huntington Beach pier.

California Pizza Kitchen v. R.D. Olson & Co. (Los Angeles County) Analyzed owner’s allegations of improper allocation of costs by developer in building of over 30 restaurants.

In Re: Avon Products (Orange County) Critiqued damage claims in construction defect case brought by assisted living facility.

Urbatec Development v. City of Whittier Redevelopment Agency (Los Angeles County) Quantified damages suffered by developer resulting from change in tax laws by the City.

Geoff Fearns v. Baldwin Builders (Orange County) Quantified damages suffered by an executive of a large Orange County home builder.

In Re: Quong & Associates (Orange County) Dispute over the equity participation of a general contractor in a retail shopping center based partly on contractor’s costs.

M.J. Brock & Sons v. J.P. Rhoades Development (Orange County) Quantified damages suffered by home builder from lost opportunity to build on unstable land.

Wooten Construction Co. v. Feartherlite, et al. (Federal District Court, Albuquerque, NM) Filed an affidavit on the effects of bid rigging in the production and sale of prestressed concrete products in the State of New Mexico. Examined costs of producing concrete by various competitors in the New Mexico market.

McDowell v. Lemont Financial (San Diego) Critiqued cost claim of grading contractor related to single-family home development in San Diego County.

In Re: State of Arizona  (Phoenix, AZ) Analyzed cost overruns related to the first-ever hazardous waste facility in the State.

In Re: Bridgeport Terrace Home Owners Association (Orange County) Construction defect case against developer and numerous contractors.

Desert Hills Factory Stores v. Various Defendants (Riverside) Quantified damages suffered by owner of retail facility due to delay in completion of project.

Fitzsimon v. S.C. Equestrian Lots. (Orange County) Conducted forensic accounting investigation and quantified damages in this case involving fraud by the general partners in a residential real estate development.

Forecast Development v. City of Moreno Valley. (Riverside County) Calculated damages suffered by plaintiff as a result of defendants breach of a development agreement for a residential housing project in Moreno Valley.

Public Investment Corporation v. Ruh, et al. (Orange County) Served as a court appointed Accounting Referee in this case involving the use of partnership funds in a commercial real estate project.

Debra Kline, et al. v. Cotter Company. (Los Angeles American Arbitration Association) Analyzed lost profits associated with construction delay of a retail shopping center due to environmental issues.

Prudential Real Estate Affiliates v. EquiSource Realty Corp. (Orange County American Arbitration Association) Determined lost profits suffered by plaintiff due to breach of brokerage agreement.

Armstrong Garden Centers v. P/A Chino Town Center. (San Bernardino) Determined lost profits suffered by plaintiff due to breach of lease agreement for the development and operation of a retail nursery.

Edgewood Manor v. Neveau. (Orange County) Conducted a Forensic accounting analysis of costs incurred by a residential condominium project due to construction defects.

Corona Summit LLC v. Corona Summit L.P. (Los Angeles)  Calculated economic losses incurred by developer when defendant failed to occupy a build-to-suit office complex.
Superior Property of Sepulveda v. Home Depot (Los Angeles)  Determined economic losses due to breach of a llong term ease agreement for a retail outlet.