Litigation Case Management

Contact: David S. Hanson, or
              James F. Nelson

The professionals of Lit.Econ LLP have over 100 years of experience in providing financial and economic consulting, business consulting, expert witness testimony, due diligence, forensic investigations and complex economic analysis. These skills are invaluable to the trial attorney and his client in assessing strengths and weaknesses of cases, discovery strategy, document management, coordination between law firm and client personnel, marshaling client personnel to ensure the most effective and efficient use of resources, proving business facts of the case, analyzing the opposition's case and expert opinions, and providing arguments on how best to discredit those opinions. Lit.Econ LLP professionals have been hired by attorneys and clients to strictly advise about the facts, issues and strategy of the case and to provide overall case management.

Gentry Development Company v. The Estate of James Campbell (Hawaii) Provided litigation consulting and case management support on this $1 billion lawsuit surrounding breach of contract, antitrust issues and lost profit opportunities on this real estate dispute involving residential, commercial and industrial development.

Electro Rent Corporation v. General Electric Capital Corporation (Los Angeles) Provided case management. In this dispute surrounding the $250 million acquisition of a rental business. Activities involved coordination of law firm and client personnel, development of case strategy, drafting claim positions, coordination of all consultants and experts and evaluation of damages and settlement options.

In Re Peabody Coal Co. (Arizona) Project Manager for a multi-discipline team including engineers, hydrologists, attorneys and economists to study alternatives for moving coal from Black Mountain, AZ to Laughlin, NV. The team also examined the economic feasibility of using an alternative source of water in a coal slurry pipeline from Black Mountain to Laughlin, NV. The study was performed for the U.S. Department of the Interior.
In Re Angus Petroleum (Los Angeles)  Assisted Counsel in eveluation of claims brought by contract operator regarding the production and sale of crude oil.  Project involved forensic accounting and evaluation of ten years of financial and accounting data, evaluation of litigants financial positions, performing "what if" scenarios, etc.