Antitrust Economics

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Lit.Econ LLP economists have performed economic and statistical analyses for antitrust cases involved in many industries, including motion picture distribution, coal transport, power generator sales, waste collection, petroleum products, ambulance services, lighting products and coupon distribution. These analyses have been for Sherman I, Sherman II, Cartwright Act, and various Clayton Act cases.

Sarah Saraspe and Five Star Fish Processing, LLC v. Frank Lopreste, el al. (San Diego CA) Determined relevant product and geographic markets, analysed market power, and estimated economic damages for a company in the fish processing business in San Diego.

E. J. Brooks v. Cambridge Security Seals (New York FDC) Testified about damages relating to an alleged theft of trade secrets, and testified about antitrust market power and economic damages for a business in the security seals industry.

Mytee Products v. Harris Industries (Federal District Court, San Diego)  Determined the relevant market and economic damages for an antitrust case.

American Interbank v. (Federal District Court, Orange County)  Estimated economic losses to an internet seller of mortgages in an antitrust case.  Testified for plaintiff at trial, and plaintiff was awarded $48 million in damages

GE v. Power Systems, Inc. (Federal District Court, Dade County, FL) Prepared a report on the competition in the market for certain components used in gas turbine electric generators.

Aguilar et al v. ARCO et al. (Federal District Court, San Diego) Testified about pricing issues in an antitrust case, including rebuttal of allegations of cartel pricing and other cartel behavior.

Krikorian Theaters v. Pacific Theaters and AMC (Federal District Court, San Diego) Testified about the economic losses to a movie theater, and the relevant economic product and geographic markets, in a Sherman Act Section 1 antitrust case.

Burlington Northern v. Underwriters (Federal District Court, Ft. Worth Texas) Prepared an analysis of the value to Burlington Northern from participating in an illegal boycott.

Grange v. Marin Sanitary Services (Federal District Court, San Francisco, CA) Prepared an analysis of economic losses to a refuse collector in Marin county resulting from alleged predatory conduct of the largest competitor in the area.

Union Pacific v. Underwriters (Federal District Court, Los Angeles) Prepared an analysis on the value of settlement contracts from prior ETSI-Railroad litigation; also investigated antitrust issues included in the prior antitrust litigation.

Peace v. Merle West (Federal District Court, Eugene, OR) Testified about the relevant geographic and product markets for certain ambulance services in Oregon, and competition in the relevant market; and prepared an economic valuation of an ambulance business, in an antitrust case.

Six B v. Bonzi (Stanislaus County) Testified about the relevant geographic and product markets for cattle feed in the San Joaquin valley for an antitrust case.

AmNet, Inc. v. Pacific NW Bell (Federal District Court, Seattle, WA) Prepared economic damage analysis for an antitrust case involving access to certain telephone service markets.

Red Rock v. Distributors (Federal District Court, Las Vegas, NV) Prepared economic damage analysis for an antitrust case involving the distribution of movies in theaters.

Rowe v. Giftchecks (Federal District Court, Sacramento, CA) Testified about defendant's pricing actions and its cost structure in a predatory pricing case involving firms in the coupon distribution industry.

Wooten Construction Co. v. Featherlite et al. (Federal District Court, Santa Fe, NM) Filed an affidavit on the effects of bid rigging in the production and sale of prestressed concrete products in the state of New Mexico.

Gulf Oil Co. v. Exxon (Federal District Court, San Diego) Conducted an analysis of the factors that influenced the market for uranium in the 1970's for an antitrust case.

Western Waste, Inc. v. Universal Waste Control (Federal District Court, Phoenix, AZ) Analyzed competition in the refuse collection market in Phoenix for an antitrust case.