Franchise Litigation

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Lit.Econ LLP consultants have provided services to both franchisors and franchisees in litigation related to every aspect of the business relationship. Franchise litigation typically involves issues of termination, cannibalization or disputes between individual owners of franchises. We have provided such services as damage analysis, discovery assistance to counsel, valuation of individual businesses, forensic investigations, and statistical and economic analysis of both franchisees and the markets in which they operate.

Collaborative Solutions v. ANSYS (Pittsburgh, PA) Testified about the economic losses sustained by a franchisee in the computer software business.

In Re: Marriage of Robertson (Los Angeles County) Valued two Southern California Honda dealerships in a marital dissolution matter.

In Re: Marriage of Schriber (Riverside County) Valued six fast food franchises as part of the services provided in a marital dissolution matter.

Jennifer Marilley v. Frisbee Management (Orange County) Analyzed the financial condition of 14 McDonald's franchises in a breach of fiduciary duty matter.

Jennifer Christian v. Beauty For All Seasons (Orange County) Quantified the damages suffered by a distributor of beauty products from cannibalization of her clients by the parent company.

Sutton v. Comp Bus Services (Orange County) Testified about the economic losses allegedly sustained by a franchisee in a case against the franchisor claiming breach of an employment contract.

Popcal v. America's Favorite Chicken Co. (Los Angeles County) Analyzed the business interruption losses suffered by three Southern California Popeye's franchises caused by area construction.I

In Re: Tab Automotive Group (No venue) Investigated allegations of embezzlement at an Oregon Toyota dealership on behalf of the owners.

Eng v. Tsai (Orange County) Quantified damages suffered by one owner of two Burger King franchises from the denial of a sales option by the other owner.

Mike Harvey Toyota v. Toyota Motor Sales of America (California New Motor Vehicles Board) Analyzed the financial operations of a multi-line Northern California automobile dealer in a dealer termination matter.

NHUSD v. Taco Bell (Alameda County) Quantified the goodwill value of a Northern California Taco Bell restaurant in an eminent domain matter.

FKM v. Konica (Orange County) Testified about the economic losses to a terminated office products distributor

Carpenter V. Matco Tools (Santa Clara County) Analyzed lost profits of a series of individuals due to breach of support agreements in the distribution of tools.

KW Systems v. Burroughs (San Francisco County). Testified about the economic losses of a terminated franchisee.